Cryogenic Turbo Expander Plant for C2+ NGL Extraction

Project Description

Propak provided detailed engineering and design, procurement and fabrication services to build a complete 250 MMSCFD NGL Gas Plant. This facility was built as an expansion to an existing 180 MMSCFD plant. With Propak’s optimized Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) ethane (C2) recovery technology, the plant successfully performance tested at rates 10% above design, while maintaining the guaranteed ethane recovery levels. Propak’s design and modularization minimized field construction time, reducing overall project cost and schedule. This Propak 250 MMSCFD project was completed for less CAPEX than the original 180 MMSCFD train.

Project Specs
  • Nameplate Capacity: 250 MMSCFD
  • Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit
  • Turbo Expander
  • NGL Extraction
  • Demethanizer
  • NGL CO2 Removal
  • Amine Regeneration
  • NGL Transfer Pumping
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Procurement
    • Fabrication
    • Commissioning & Start-Up