Deethanizer Fractionation Unit

Project Description

Propak provided Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed engineering and design, procurement and fabrication services to build a 30,000 bbl/d Deethanizer Unit. Propak’s stacked design, modularization strategy, and ability to trial-fit large modules in a shop environment minimized field construction time, improving overall project cost and schedule. Fireproofing of modules and equipment was completed in fabrication shop. Electrical end devices were wired to panels local to each module reducing field terminations and cable pulls.

Project Specs
  • Nameplate Capacity: 30,000 bbl/d
  • C2+ Liquid Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit including: 5 MMBtu/hr Salt Bath Fired Heater, High-Speed NGL Pumps, High-Speed Regen Gas Compressors
  • Deethanizer Unit including: Deethanizer Tower, Condenser, Reflux Drum, Reflux Pumps , Reboilers
  • Ethane Product Pump Skid
  • Refrigerant Unit Including: Two 2,500 hp Propane Refrigerant Compressors, Accumulator, Condensers, Scrubbers, Aerial Condensers
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Procurement
    • Fabrication
    • Commissioning & Start-Up