Well Pad Expansion and Debottlenecking Projects

Project Description

Propak provided engineering design, modular fabrication and on-site construction support for a series of well pad installations, central field facility upgrades and central processing facility debottlenecking projects. Well pad manifold building sections and vertical test separator building sections were developed to meet process and well spacing requirements. These building sections were designed to be fully modularized and repeatable. Subsequent well installations on multiple pads leveraged varying numbers and arrangements of these building sections. To further increase production, Propak completed debottlenecking projects within the CFF for the produced gas condensing system and within the CPF on the lift gas and steam distribution systems. A high pressure steam system was installed allowing for higher quality steam to be distributed to the new well pads.

Project Specs
  • Standard one and two SAGD well pair manifold building sections which can be configured for various pad layouts and well counts
  • Standard well test buildings complete with vertical separator vessels and all associated metering
  • Pad installations complete with modular pipe racks and isolation valve platforms
  • Over 100 SAGD wells tied in with 10 test separators using the standard building sections across 5 well pads
  • 900 class steam distribution installed alongside existing 600 class system through the CPF
  • 900 class flowline network installed with tie-ins for new and future well pad locations
  • High pressure steam separator vessel installed for the 900 class system
  • Reciprocating compressor package installed at CPF to boost gas supply pressure to distribution flowlines for gas lift at well pads
  • Produced gas condensers installed at central field facility to accommodate production from new well pads
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Fabrication
    • Procurement
    • Commissioning & Start-Up
    • Design
    • Field Construction