6,000 bbl/d SAGD Central Processing Facility

Project Description

Propak provided a turnkey EPFC solution for this thermal SAGD facility. Based on Propak’s previous small heavy oil facilities and modular facility designs for the natural gas processing industry, a modular thermal SAGD facility as developed. As an entirely modular facility, traditional concrete foundations were eliminated providing significant reductions in the site construction scope of work providing significant cost and schedule reductions. Propak successfully implemented remote I/O technology for this facility. Remote I/O panels were located within each module allowing for instrumentation wire marshalling and pre-commissioning activities to be completed in the shop prior to shipping. The remote I/O reduced field terminations, cable pulls and commissioning activities. This facility was designed, fabricated and constructed with industry leading cost and schedule metrics.

Project Specs
  • Nameplate Oil Capacity: 6,000 bbl/d
  • Steam Generation Capacity: 16,450 bbl/d CWE
  • Pipe Racks modularized, assembled and trial fit at Propak’s Airdrie facilities
  • All equipment modularized; no site erected buildings
  • Remote I/O technology implemented allowing for instrumentation pre-commissioning in shop
  • Process Units: Inlet Separation, Emulsion Treatment, Source Water Treatment, Boiler Feed Water System, OTSGs, Steam System, De-Oiling, Fuel Gas System, Utilities
  • 2 SAGD Pads: 1 Pair Pilot, 7 Producers, 4 Injectors
  • 1 Producer Pad: 6 Horizontal Producer Wells
  • 7 Injection Pads: 2 to 7 directionally drilled vertical injectors per pad
  • Modular well pad facilities: pre-assembled pipe racks, well control manifold buildings, test separator buildings complete with horizontal test separators.
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Fabrication
    • Procurement
    • Commissioning & Start-Up
    • Design
    • Pre-FEED
    • FEED
    • Field Construction