SAGD Central Processing Facility Designs with Water Recycle


Expanding on Propak’s successful SAGD projects, Propak has completed a design for a 5,000 bbl/d full water recycle facility. The engineering process involved evaluating and redesigning the de-oiling and water treatment process areas to implement produced water recycle capabilities. This redesign work was completed maintaining Propak’s successful philosophies for standardization and modularization. A design was developed achieving the level of definition required to propose a Lump Sum EPFC solution.

  • Nameplate Oil Capacity: 5,000 bbl/d
  • Steam Generation Capacity: 16,450 bbl/d CWE
  • Modular process units (inlet separation, emulsion treatment, source water treatment, produced water recycle, boiler feed water system, steam system, water de-oiling, utilities, and pipe racks)
  • Full compliance with AER Directive 081 water disposal limits


Propak completed an addition to an 8,000 bbl/d SAGD CPF, built previously by Propak in Saskatchewan, to allow the recycle of a portion of the produced water associated with thermal oil production.

Propak integrated a system consisting of electrocoagulation, water clarification, and filtration technologies, along with other ancillary equipment, into the produced water handling system of Propak’s modular facility. Provisions for this expansion were included in the initial project development stages allowing for this equipment to be easily installed on site.

  • Recycle of a portion of facility produced water with a package design throughput of 2,500 m3/d
  • Discharge water rate of 94% of inlet flow returned as treated water suitable to supplement the OTSG’s feed water system
  • Electrocoagulation, dissolved air floatation, and filtration systems for treating water
  • Sediment-water slurry centrifuge system included to dewater the waste streams for further water recovery and solids disposal
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Pre-FEED
    • FEED